Mental Health Monitoring Service

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About Us.

Salus Mind is a service that allows organizations and schools in particular to be informed of their students mental health based on the content of their social media feeds without jeopardizing their privacy.

How it Works.


Sign Up and Connect Social Media Accounts

We only require your full name to identify you. Connect all your social media accounts, or whatever you are comfortable with.


Join an Organization

This can be your school, therapist, or even your friends and family. Moderators see exactly the same information you and everyone else sees.


Scan Social Media Feeds

Salus Mind will monitor your social media feeds and use artificial intelligence to tag posts it considers harmful. It does not save your data nor does anyone even see your data. You have the power to control what gets scanned and can cancel the service at any time.


View Scan Results

You and everyone in your organization can view the results of the monitoring process withholding everyone's identity. Moderators will be notified if the critical threat level has been exceeded by any person. The organization can then request the identity of the individual.

Why Trust Us.

Salus Mind is an open source and open data platform. We do not keep any data obtained from social media accounts but instead just pass it through a filter. Anyone can view the source code and the database.